LED High Bay Light RZH-150AXX-UFO

  • Place of origin: China
  • Model No: LED High Bay Light RZH-150AXX-UFO
  • Price Terms: EXM
  • Minimum Order: 1PCS
  • Brand Name: RZ
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    * High pressure die casting housing,anti-static powder paiting.
    * PHILIPS LUMLEDS SMD3030,LM80 standard.
    * Luminous effciency:130-140LM/W,60°,80°,120°optical design.
    * Meanwell HBG Series LED driver.
    * Configurable Smart Dimming.
    * Silicon rubber gasket.uv-Block pc lens
    * Wide aluminum plate design,heat dissipation fast and evenly
    * installation:Rack-mounting & Hook hanging & Boom installation
    * Working temperature:-30°C-+45°C
    * IP65 protection level



    Light Distribution Curve



    * reand carefully before installing fixture.retain these instructions for future reference.
    * fixtures must be wired in accordance with the national electrical code and all application local codes.
    * proper grounding is required for safety
    * this product must be installed in accordance with the application with the application installation conde by a person familiar with the construction and operation of the product and the hazards involved.
    * make certain power is off before installing or maintaining fixture.no user serviceable parts inside.
    * for proper weatherproof function all gaskets must be seated properly and all screws inserted and tightened firmly.

    Fixture Mounting

    1) U Bracket MOUNTING:
    CAUTION:Suitable for DAMP LOCATION OR INDOOR APPLICATIONS with Mounting bracket follow Mounting directions as in flg.1

    1.fix the U-bracket to the canopy structure(U bracket is adjuststable upon request for fixture angle)

    2.Connect driver with external input wire
    3.Fixed safety chain with fixture body and canopy structure.

    2) Ceilling with Hook:

    CAUTION:suitable for DAMP LOCATION OR INDOOR APPLICATION with hook & cord follow mounting directions as in flg.2

    1.open the driver box and thread output cable through the hook.
    2.screw hook into the driver box.
    3.hanging hook to a sturdy ceilling structure.
    4.connect driver output wire with wries inside of a junction box.
    5.use safety chain for supplemental support while installing the fixture.


    Caution:suitable for Wet LOCATION with pendant stem.follow mounting directions as in Flag.3

    1.Choose pendant length and thread wire through pendant stems.
    2.For wet locations application,wrap threads on pendant stems with teflon tape and silicone gel.screw the pendant stem to the driver box and tighten it.
    3.wire the fixture to a junction box.
    4.use safety chain for supplemental support of the fixture.
    (This kind of  installation method needs to match the special drive box,the driver box installation hole is "1/2"NPS)
    (Pendant stem not supplied,3/4 NPS pendant need to be paired with accessories to use.the 3/4 X1/2 adapter as a choice of accessories)



    1.connect the black fixture lead to the (+)LINE supply lead.
    2.connect the while fixture lead to the (-) common supply lead
    3.connect the ground wire form fixture to supply groud.


    1.connect the black fixture lead to the (+) LINE supply lead.
    2.connect the while fixture leda to the (-) COMMON supply lead.
    3.connect the GROUND wire from fixture to supply ground.do NOT connect the GROUND of the dimming fixture to the output.
    4.connect the purple fixture lead to the (V+) DIM lead.
    5.connect the gray fixture lead to the (V-) DIM lead.
    6.cap the yellow fixture lead,if present.do NOT connect.